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“Numerous Opportunities to Shine”: A Q&A With Project Assistant Alum Chase Hinman

“Numerous Opportunities to Shine”: A Q&A With Project Assistant Alum Chase Hinman

Chase Hinman served as a project assistant from May 2021 to July 2022 after graduating from Rice University with a double major in Philosophy and Kinesiology. Now a 1L at Yale Law School, Chase reconnected with us to discuss his time at SHJ and his career goals.

Do you think your year at SHJ contributed to your success in being accepted to law school?

Yes, absolutely. First, as I had no previous exposure to law or legal practice in undergrad, it served as confirmation that I wanted to attend law school in the first place. Second, it enhanced my résumé by showing that I had prior experience in the legal profession. Third (and most obviously), it was a great opportunity to learn about the profession up close; what I learned in my year at SHJ has been a huge help during the first semester of law school.

What was your greatest accomplishment as a project assistant?

I was given a lot of responsibility and numerous opportunities to shine. My favorite of these was being put in charge of some discovery reviews, where I was trusted to understand what to look for. On some occasions, I was able to identify the document or key fact that led to a huge development in the case. It was always very rewarding when this happened, and I felt like I was really making a difference in the cases.

What are your current career goals?

I plan to follow in the footsteps of the lawyers at SHJ and practice as a civil litigator immediately after law school. My time at the firm showed me that I could really enjoy a career in litigation.

SHJ’s project assistant initiative is part of an ongoing effort to better serve clients’ needs by optimizing our internal processes. Over the course of a one-year term, project assistants gain hands-on, real-world law firm experience as they assist lawyers with fact research, data analysis, and trial preparation. According to recruiting partner Adam Dinnell, “our goal was to identify candidates with an interest in law school and litigation who recently graduated from some of the country’s top undergraduate schools.”