We give clients an edge through compelling courtroom graphics that help judges and juries understand and retain critical information. We also utilize sophisticated databases in discovery and at depositions and hearings.

  • Arbitrations often afford minimal deposition discovery due to procedural limitations, meaning that much testimony is heard for the first time at evidentiary hearings. When this happens, we are able to locate contradictory documents and other relevant exhibits in real time through a search of tens of thousands of files.
  • Complex, multinational cases may involve millions of documents and terabytes of data. We utilize the state-of- the-art Ipro Enterprise solution to quickly process and review large blocks of data, streamlining workflow and keeping the materials in-house for increased security. In a recent case, we saved our client $7 million by reducing a review from 9 million to under 4 million documents, 1 million of which were produced for analysis.
  • State-of- the-art graphics have revolutionized the presentation of technical issues in courtrooms and before arbitral tribunals. Our graphics are created in-house and include three-dimensional animations as well as interactive maps, charts, and other presentations.

As these tools evolve, we will continue to leverage advanced technology to provide innovative, defensible, and cost-effective e-discovery and litigation support services to our clients.