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SHJ Wins Complete Victory in Arbitration Over Proprietary Medical Technology

SHJ Wins Complete Victory in Arbitration Over Proprietary Medical Technology

A SHJ team led by partner Varant Yegparian was engaged to represent SynergenX, a nationwide provider of hormone-related therapies, in a theft of trade secret dispute with the former director of its largest location.

When the director left the company to found a competing startup, she absconded with SynergenX’s proprietary records and technologies in an unfair effort to compete, violating the terms of her employment agreement. This advantage allowed the respondent to usurp key business opportunities from SynergenX and bring her services to market at a much faster pace than an ordinary startup.

In response to the threat to its business, SynergenX demanded the respondent cease competing, soliciting, and utilizing its confidential and proprietary technologies and records.  Because the respondent refused to comply, SynergenX initiated arbitration, seeking damages for breach of contract, wrongful appropriation, and conspiracy.  SHJ’s aggressive e-discovery strategy—coordinated by senior counsel Matt Davis—uncovered significant discovery abuse and the destruction of evidence, ultimately calling the respondent’s credibility into question.

During the four-day hearing, the SHJ team’s trial skills and experience proved critical as we argued that the former director wrongfully sought to use stolen proprietary technology. The arbitrator agreed, noting our effective cross-examination of the respondent, and awarded SynergenX 100% of its claimed damages along with its fees and costs. The seven-figure award represented a complete victory for SynergenX.